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How Your Well Pump Company Will Replace The Water Pump In Your Well

by Marie Cox

Submersible well pumps are set at the bottom of your water well, and if the pump stops working, the well pump company may need to replace it. Getting the pump out of the well typically involves using pump pullers that are set up over the well to make the process easier. 

Pulling a Failed Pump

Failure of a submersible well pump can be a problem, and deep wells with pumps that are down very deep make it more difficult to get the pump out. There is often water in the pipe from the bottom to the top of the well, adding additional weight to the pump and water line. Pulling a pump up by hand is possible, but it often requires several people and can take a lot of time. 

Using pump pullers to get a pump out of a well is much more efficient and will draw the pipe and pump up the center of the well, so the water line and electrical wire in the well do not get damaged as they are pulled to the surface. 

Pump Pullers

When needs a new pump, setting up a pump puller over the well casing will allow you to grab the waterline and use an electric or hydraulic motor to pull the assembly up the well shaft. Most well pullers attach to the pitless adapter that was installed when the pump was put in place and use a pulley system to clamp onto the pipe and hoist it up and out of the well. 

Some pump pullers sit on the casing or well top, while others use a tripod that sits over the well, allowing some space under the puller for the operator to look down the well if needed during the pulling process. The space under the tripod can also allow room for the pump to clear the well without the operator having to remove the puller and then manhandle the pump the last few feet to get it out. 

The puller must be strong enough to pull the pump up the well, so before selecting one, talk to the manufacturer or vendor about the power ratings available. If you have many deep wells in the area, you may want to consider a larger motor to retrieve pumps from these wells better. There are many styles and models available, so before you invest in any pump pullers, look at what is out there. This will help you can get the right one for your terrain, and that will work best on the wells in your area.