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How Do You Preserve And Protect Your Wood Deck?

by Marie Cox

If you enjoy your wood deck throughout the year, the last thing you want to see is discoloration and water stains on it. However, moist conditions can wear down your deck very quickly. If you don't take action to preserve and protect your deck now, it could deteriorate later. Learn more about your wood deck and what you can do to preserve and protect it below.

What Should You Know About Your Deck?

Decks exposed to wet environments, such as heavy snow and rain, can discolor and fade with time. Moisture and heavy foot traffic can weaken the wooden boards, or lumber, supporting your deck. Deteriorating lumber can cause a great number of problems in your deck, including wood rot. This problem generally occurs when moisture traps inside or beneath a wooden structure. The trapped moisture rots or consumes the wood from the inside out. Over time, the rotting wood flakes, crumbles, or cracks.

Coating your weakened wood deck with a waterproof sealant can help strengthen and preserve it for years to come.

How Do You Preserve and Protect Your Deck?

Although you can take steps to preserve your deck yourself, you should reach out to a deck waterproofing company instead. A waterproofing company may use professional-grade sealants to repair the surface of your deck. The sealants may contain substances that:

  • Keep moisture from penetrating the boards in your deck
  • Reduce fading and discoloration in your deck
  • Strengthen and revitalize the natural beauty of your deck

A waterproofing company may also use different or unique methods to apply sealant over your deck. For example, some service providers sand down the surfaces of decks before they apply sealant. Sanding removes imperfections, such as scuffs and splinters, from surface of your deck. The imperfections may allow moisture to infiltrate the boards of your deck later on in the year.  

There may be a few other things a waterproofing company does for your deck during the visit, including placing sealant on the support beams beneath your deck. Water may also damage the beams in the future. Sealant can help prevent or slow down damage in your deck's support beams before it affects them.

You can keep your wood deck looking its best throughout the year by having it sealed regularly. If you have any questions about the sealing times, consult a company immediately. A deck waterproofing service can you with provide additional information.