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Know Your Options: How To Choose A Water Treatment System For Your Home

by Marie Cox

If you have plans to invest in a new water treatment system, you have a few decisions to make. The first decision you need to make involves the installation. You may think you can install your own water treatment system, but that's not necessarily the case. When it comes to your water installation system, professional installation can help to avoid the mistakes that might affect the performance of your new system. In addition to choosing professional installation, there are two other decisions you'll need to make. Here is some information that will get you started in the right direction. 

Choose the Water Treatment System

When it comes to investing in a water treatment system for your home, you've got a few options to choose from. Each option will provide you with specific benefits for you and your family. 

Carbon Filter

If you and your family don't use a lot of water, or you just want to treat the water you use for drinking and cooking, a carbon filter system may be your best option. You might think that carbon filters are only designed for portable systems, such as portable water pitchers, but that's not the case. Carbon filter systems are also great for treating the whole house. They'll remove rust, sediment, and large particles of contaminants. 

Ion Exchange

If you've got multiple issues with your water, including mineral deposits and poor taste, an ion exchange water system may be well-suited for your home. Ion exchange systems are designed to remove hard water deposits from your water, which helps to protect your plumbing. Ion exchange systems also work to purify your water, which can help your cooking. 

Reverse Osmosis

If your water tastes bad, and you spend too much money on bottled water, it's time to invest in a reverse osmosis treatment system. Reverse osmosis removes the impurities that affect the taste of your water. 

Choose the Right Spot for Installation

Once you choose the type of water treatment system that is best for you and your family, you'll need to choose the right spot for the installation. The common locations include under the sink and the whole house. 

Under the Sink

If you're not concerned about treating the water that you'll use for bathing and laundry, you can choose an installation that goes under the sink. This installation method ensures that each of your faucets will provide clear, treated water. 

Whole House

If you want to make sure that every faucet in your home provides clean, healthy water for your family, you need to invest in an installation for your whole house. This type of installation ensures that even your washing machine will benefit from treated water.

Protect your pipes and your water. If it's time for a water treatment system, use the tips provided here to choose the best options for your home. Contact a water treatment service for more information.