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Struggling To Find A Job? 5 Ways To Make Your Current Resume More Effective

by Marie Cox

If your current resume isn't getting you any action on the job hunt, it might be time for a rewrite. This is especially important if your resume is more than a few years old. There may be areas that are creating a roadblock for your job search. Your resume is the first look an employer will get of you. If you don't present a strong resume, it may be the last look. That's where an updated resume comes into the picture. Before you start on the update, consider the following. Here are five things you need to do when updating your resume. 

Update Your Email Address

Now that you're updating your resume, take a look at your contact email address. This is the email prospective employers will use to contact you. If it's offensive or unprofessional, an employer may question your fit for their company. If you've had the same email address since high school, consider upgrading to a more professional one. 

Stick to the Main Highlights

If you want your resume to stand out in the crowd, you may try to include everything in it. That's a good way to get information out there. It's also a good way to have your resume set to the side. Employers have limited time when they're trying to fill vital positions. They don't want to spend valuable time reading a lengthy resume. Don't let your resume get set aside. Instead, stick to the highlights. Keep your resume short and sweet. Include vital information about your education and experience. 

Use Plenty of Action Words

Employers want to hire people who will bring strength to their company. They want people who will take action as soon as they start on the job. One way to show that commitment to action is through the words you use in your resume. When you're writing your resume, use action words to describe yourself. Action words such as saved and solved stand out to employers. 

Give It a Fresh Set of Eyes

When  you're aiming for career employment, you can't afford mistakes. Unfortunately, spelling and grammatical errors can sneak past you. Once you have your resume written, have someone else do the edits. That way, you won't hand out a resume that's peppered with spelling and grammatical errors. 

Go the Professional Route

If you want your resume to be as effective as possible, take a professional approach. A well-written resume goes a long way towards landing you a job. The best way to ensure effectiveness is to hire a professional resume writer. They'll provide you with a high-quality resume that's sure to land you the career-making job you're looking for.

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