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Tips For Creating A Highlight Video Of Your High School Football Accomplishments

by Marie Cox

 If you're determined to earn a college football scholarship, one of the things that can work in your favor is creating a highlight video of you in action. While you can expect that some recruiters will attend your games, they might not be present at each one. A comprehensive video of highlights will allow you to show off your talents and, hopefully, be pivotal in earning you a scholarship. Unless you're adept at video editing, you'll want to hire a professional to work on this project. There's too much at stake to submit a low-quality video. Here are some additional tips for creating your highlight video.

Use Broadcast Footage When Possible

A lot of high schools are fortunate to have local broadcasters cover their games. If you attend such a school, this means that you should have plenty of high-quality footage to sift through. It's ideal to use broadcast-quality footage as much as possible in your highlight video. The video quality will be excellent, and the voice of the play-by-play announcer can help your cause. For example, if you're a running back who is making a long run on the video, the announcer might be talking about your speed and nimbleness — two things that will appeal to colleges.

Use Amateur Clips — With Audio Added

Of course, not every high school's games are on local TV stations. If you attend a small school and don't have any video broadcasts of your games, you'll have to rely on amateur clips. Often, these will be clips that family members or friends record from the stands or the sidelines. Be selective about the clips that you use. If a clip is of very poor quality, it won't be an asset. Another option is to pair your amateur clips with professional audio. If your school has a radio station that broadcasts your games, try to get these audio files. A good video editor can sync the amateur clips with the broadcast audio.

Include Non-Game Footage

Game footage is instrumental in a highlight video, but it's not the only type of footage that you'll want to include. Think about getting video recordings of you performing football-specific drills that will be of interest to recruiters. For example, you can have someone record you running the 40-yard dash, as this is the common evaluation speed test for football players. Clips of you performing foot agility drills, measuring your jumping ability, and lifting weights can also be of value. 

This is just one way to get the attention of recruiter and earn college football scholarships. Talk to professional services to see what they can do to increase your odds.