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Dealing With Hiring Headaches? 4 Reasons To Work With A Recruiting Agency

by Marie Cox

If you're looking for qualified applicants for your job openings, you need to work with a recruiting agency. Sorting through the applications on your own may give you a better idea of who's applying, but that's about it. To ensure access to the full picture, you need to put your hiring efforts into the hands of an experienced recruiting agency. Here are just four of the ways your company will benefit from a recruiting agency.

1. Access to a Quality Applicant Pool

If you're handling the hiring process on your own, your applicant pool will consist of the people who've personally submitted either an application or a resume. Unfortunately, that leaves you with a rather limited hiring pool. However, recruiting agencies are able to reach beyond the collection of resumes and applications you've received. That's because they have access to other avenues, including message boards and recruitment drives. In fact, recruiting agencies can even access directories for other companies in search of qualified applicants for your company.

2. Enhanced Market Expertise

When it comes to hiring for your company, you need to have your finger on the pulse of current market conditions. Unfortunately, if you don't know what you're looking for, you may miss key indicators. That's where a recruiting agency comes into the picture. An experienced recruiting agency understands market indicators that help create the right staff for your business needs.

3. Expedited Hiring Process

When you have openings in your company, you need to fill them as quickly as possible, especially where key positions are concerned. For instance, if you're a sales-dominate business, you can't afford to be short-staffed on your sales team. Unfortunately, if you're handling the hiring process on your own, you may waste valuable time conducting the search. One of the benefits of working with a recruiting agency is that they'll provide you with an expedited hiring process. One reason for the expedited process is that they'll already have access to a qualified applicant pool. Not only that, but they'll also be able to handle the background checks and pre-employment vetting process, which means your new hire will be well-qualified and ready to work.

4. Reduced Costs Associated With Turnovers

When you run a business, you can't afford to deal with high turnover rates. After all, each time to hire a new employee, you need to go through the training process all over again. When you work with a recruiting agency, you'll benefit from reduced costs associated with turnovers. That's because the recruiting agency will provide you with a new recruit, should your recent hire not work out as well as expected.

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