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How Do You Find The Best Commercial Floor Scrubber?

by Marie Cox

Perhaps you are in the commercial cleaning business, or maybe you just have a rather large business floor to keep clean. In either case, investing in a commercial floor scrubber is something you may have to do. These large machines are capable of brush-cleaning floors to shiny perfection without all the hard work that goes along with mopping and other floor-cleaning practices. There are multiple floor scrubbing machines to pick from, but each of them has different features and attributes incorporated by the various manufacturers. Take a look at some of the things you should be looking for, when shopping for the best unit. 

The best unit will have a lightweight construction. 

One of the reasons floor scrubbers are preferred for commercial cleaning is that they make cleaning floors an easy thing. If a unit is large and heavy, it can be cumbersome to maneuver and hard to work with. The best units will have a lightweight construction; they are easy to push around when they are not running and will not be problematic to move. Many buyers make the mistake of going with a heavy unit, because of the mistaken belief that it will naturally last longer, but that simply is not always the case. 

The best floor scrubber will be brush driven. 

The brushes on the base of the floor scrubber propel the unit along in a forward direction. If the unit is not brush driven, it means you will be doing all the pushing, while using the unit to clean. Even though a unit may be lightweight and pushing it yourself without help from a propelling brush motor may not sound like a big deal, it really can be tiring to push the unit for several hours, if you are cleaning a rather large floor. 

The best-built scrubber will have multiple settings to pick from. 

Cleaning solution output, scrubber spin rate, flooring height—all of these should be options you can choose from on your floor scrubbing equipment. If you have multiple types of flooring to clean, it is best if you have a unit that is going to allow you to adjust the action of the system to best clean that specific type of flooring. For example, a concrete tile floor is low-height and can withstand more cleaning solution than something like commercial carpeting. Having a unit that can work well for different cleaning processes will give you an all-in-one scrubber. 

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