Adding The Personal Touch To Your Business

Merch to Stock at Your Bar to Increase Revenue

by Marie Cox

If you own a bar and you are looking to expand your revenue sources, then you should look into outfitting your establishment with some merchandise. Selling merch is one of the easiest ways to expand your bar's business. It's easy and hassle-free, as opposed to expanding the kitchen to serve more food, for instance. Merchandise can be stocked up and stored on occasions when it's not sold. It does not spoil, like food will. Also, it's an easy way to avoid dealing with the permits and other restrictions that are often associated with things such as dance floor space, expanding the physical space, or bringing in a kitchen. Here are a few pieces of merchandise consider bringing into your home.

Growlers with Your Bar's Logo

One really fun idea to expand your bar's business is to sell growlers with your bar's logo on them. A growler is a glass container that is used to take beer from a bar and take it home. They are fancy jugs, basically. While many bars will end up selling growlers, what you should try and do is stock up on growlers that have your bar's logo designed onto them. This will have several benefits. First, it will provide you another source of revenue, in that people will buy beer and take it home in the growler. Second, they will then have that growler at home and it will be a form of advertisement. So, when they reach for the growler and want to bring it somewhere to refill, your bar's logo will be right there and remind them to go to your place of business.

Ball and Lock Cap for Growlers

If you are going to be selling growlers at your bar, you should also sell a ball and lock cap. These are the perfect accompaniment to the growlers because most people who purchase the regular growlers are going to want to seal them up so that the beer doesn't go flat. The regular growlers that you will sell are going to come with a screw top. This is not sufficient to keep the beer from getting flat. So, what you should do is cross-promote produce such as a ball and lock cap that will seal in the carbonation.  

Reach out to a company like Craft Master Growlers, Inc., if this kind of a product interests you. 

T-Shirts with Your Bar's Logo on It

Finally, don't underestimate the importance of selling swag and merch in the form of t-shirts. You can find really awesome designers to come in and produce a great mockup design for your bar logo so that you can then have that design silk screened onto a shirt. You can then sell them to customers who are looking for unique and fashionable apparel with a local slant (this is a very popular method if your bar is in a hip area and caters to people who love those sorts of shirts).