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Volunteer With A Designated Driver Service To Get People Home Safely Around The Holidays

by Marie Cox

Around the holidays, drinking and driving can be more of a concern. The number of holiday lunches, parties, and other gatherings that people attend can mean that some people will be tempted to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. In an effort to keep drunk drivers off the roads, designated driver services in many communities recruit volunteer drivers who can provide post-party transportation for little to no cost. In this capacity drivers are tasked with visiting specific locations to pick up people who have been drinking and then safely take them home for the good of the community. Here's why you might wish to get involved in this capacity.

You're Making The Streets Safer

Without question, the biggest reason to get involved as a volunteer designated driver around the holidays is to keep the streets safer. Each time you pick up someone at a party or other event and take him or her home, you're potentially keeping one intoxicated driver off the street. Given that a drunk driver can hurt or kill pedestrians or other motorists, cause property damage, and tie up police and first responder resources at accident scenes, the role you're playing in reducing the likelihood of such an occurrence is monumental for your community.

You Feel Satisfied

It's common to experience a high level of satisfaction when you volunteer to use your personal vehicle for a few shifts around the holidays. Many people want to get involved in helping their community, but may be unsure of how to do so. Perhaps you know someone — a neighbor, a colleague, or even a friend — whose life was dramatically impacted by drunk driving. By volunteering in this capacity, you'll get the satisfaction in knowing that you're keeping someone else's life from being impacted in this manner.

You May Earn Some Money

While volunteers who drive people home around the holidays aren't technically getting paid for their service, you can often expect to end up with some money in your pocket by the end of a shift. People appreciate the service that is being offered to them and to others in the community, and the idea of not having to pay for a ride home will prompt many people to tip you as a way of expressing their gratitude. Even if you only get a few dollars from every second or third person that you transport, you can end up with a decent bit of cash for contributing in this manner.