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Outfit Your New Tiny Trailer Home For Comfortable Camping Trips

by Marie Cox

Whether you're building your tiny trailer home to camp in yourself or you plan to buy it from a builder, outfitting the tiny home is key to ensuring comfortable camping trips in the future. Here are a few ideas you can use to make your tiny trailer home a comfortable place to stay when you camp:

Install Solar and Propane

An easy way to make sure that all of your needs are met while you camp is to install solar panels and a propane system on your tiny trailer home. Your solar system can power your party's cell phones, laptops, lights, and other electronics throughout the day and night. And your propane system will allow you to install a propane powered shower, stove, fridge, and even heater.

And if you like to camp where it gets windy a lot, you can always install a small wind turbine on the roof of your tiny house. But when all is said and done, you can use your tiny trailer home just like you would your regular house once just solar and propane systems are installed.

Extend Your Living Space

You likely won't want to spend all of your time inside your tiny trailer home while camping. So why not extend your indoor living space to the outside so you can relax in comfort when you aren't out hiking and exploring?

Keep a portable canopy, a throw rug, a folding table and chair set, and a propane lantern on board and when you park your tiny home to set up camp, you can set the canopy up right against the front door of the home.

Attaching the canopy to the home with bungee cords will help ensure that it doesn't go anywhere when the wind picks up. Then put your throw rug down, set up the table and chairs, and put the lantern out to create an instant covered living room to hang out in.

Invest in Custom Mattresses

Make sure your indoor space doesn't feel too cluttered by having custom mattresses made for your tiny trailer home. Measure the wall space in the main part of the home and have custom mattresses made that length to create a wall-to-wall couch and sleeping space for guests.

Then measure the entirety of the sleeping loft or bedroom and have a custom mattress made to fit those exact dimensions. You'll be left with plenty of space for multiple people to sleep – just install floating shelves on the wall to accommodate your clothing and personal items.

You can even have custom mattresses made for tent sleeping and stack them in your tiny home's storage space. When you camp with multiple people, they'll have a comfortable place to sleep even if they are sleeping in a tent instead of inside the comfort of your tiny home.

You'll just need to ask a local mattress shop like Antique Bed Mattress for your custom options.