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Four Tips To Use When Storing Items After A Bad Breakup

by Marie Cox

If you recently terminated your relationship and need to get your belongings out of the house that you shared with your ex, consider storing everything in a storage unit so that they can be kept safe. When you store your items in a storage unit, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure that your ex cannot gain access to them. Use the following guide for a few quick tips to use when storing your belongings after a breakup.

Choose a Storage Facility with Security Cameras

You want to store your belongings in a storage facility that has ample security cameras on site to ensure that if your ex does gain access to your storage unit that they will be caught on tape. Let the manager of the facility know what your situation is so that they can keep an eye on your unit when the facility is open.

Choose a Storage Facility that Has a Security Fence Around It

When your items are in storage, you want to be sure that no one can easily get into the facility who should not be in it. A security fence around the facility ensures that someone has to pass through a gate to get to the units and will need to have an access card or keycode to get in. This will limit your ex's ability to get to your belongings.

Invest in a Solid Lock

When you secure the storage unit, it is best to have a strong lock on the outside of it. You want to be sure that the lock is as thick as it can be so that your ex cannot use a pair of bolt cutters to get into.

Do Not Tell Anyone You Have a Storage Unit

If you really want to make sure your items are safe, keep the fact that you have a storage unit a secret. There are friends that may take your ex's side after the breakup and simply use you for information when they talk to you that they will give to your ex. Keeping your unit a secret ensures that they do not figure out where it is.

Be sure to only take items you can prove belong to you when you go to the storage unit. If you take items that belong to your ex, they can call the police and the police may require you to show them that the items are not damaged and return them to your ex. This could lead to him or her finding out where your storage unit is. For more information, contact companies like U-Stor-It.