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Buying Pawn Shop Jewelry: What To Know

by Marie Cox

When you're in the market for a diamond ring or another piece of fine jewelry, you may not think of pawn shops. However, many pawn shops can offer you stunning pieces of jewelry for deep discounts. You just need to be aware of the following before you buy anything.

Starting Your Search in a "Real" Jewelry Store

Even if you plan to purchase something at a pawn shop, your first stop should be a proper jeweler to do some research. If you think you might want a 24K gold necklace for instance, you can try it out at the jewelry shop and note the weight and color of such a piece. That way, when you go to pawn shops, you'll be able to more easily pick out quality pieces because you know what they should feel and look like.

Asking for Certification

You might not know about this, but some pawn shops can offer you certification for particular pieces. A GIA certificate can tell you a bit about the piece's worth and other information that can make you feel more confident about purchasing the jewelry. Some shops don't offer this information upfront, so be sure to inquire about any certification or appraisals that certain pieces may have.


One perk of getting jewelry in a pawn shop is that it's almost always possible to haggle about the cost of a piece that you want. Unlike with traditional jewelers, pawn shop owners can be flexible and offer you a few dollars off the price of a piece if only you have the nerve to ask and negotiate a bit.

Trading Your Own Pieces

To cut down the price of your pawn shop jewelry even more, you should take a look around your home for your own pieces that you can trade in. If you've got a ring that was passed down from an older relative but it's never been a favorite, you might be able to do a trade and get a piece you prefer for much less money.

When you walk into a pawn shop with this information, you can feel better about walking out with some jewelry you love. Visit some shops in the nearby area, like Pomona Pawn Shop, to see what they have to offer you. Pawn shops can turn over merchandise so often, you might even decide to make regular trips until you come across some jewelry you really love.