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Research Peptide Purchase Pointers

by Marie Cox

The use of peptides in research is common, and if you've been put in charge of buying them for your entire lab, it's essential that you're able to find reasonably priced compounds that are of good quality. Online purchases can be smart, but ensure that you heed these pointers when you get your peptides.

Look for Domestic Suppliers

Placing an order for your research peptides isn't quite the same as ordering other products. As organic compounds, there may have different shipping requirements than you're used to. This is even more the case if you buy internationally. You might be able to find cheaper peptides outside of your country, but before you can get your delivery, you might have to pay substantial customs costs. In rare cases, customs agents could also refuse to release the peptides. Therefore, ordering from businesses in your own country is many times an easier process.

Ask About Purity

Because you're looking online for a deal, low prices can be attractive, especially if you and your co-workers go through a lot of peptides. However, investigate as much as you can to find out what purity standards a company has before use. What process do they use to ensure their products are pure? How often do they test their outgoing compounds for purity? Order the purest peptides that your budget will allow for; your results will be better.

Double-Check Peptide Type

The work that your colleagues do might require different types of a certain peptide. Your co-worker may need a powder to get their research done, while you might prefer liquid peptides. Instead of assuming, make sure you have the order figures correct for each type before you buy. As you place the order, pay close attention as you select the peptides; be sure you're not getting confused and ordering a lot of liquid when you need powder or vice versa.

Designate a Lookout

Research peptides are commonly packed in such a way that they are kept within a particular range of temperatures. While that is the case, when the compounds are delivered, getting them to a refrigerator should be done right away to retain quality. You don't want them to be sitting in the heat until someone remembers to retrieve the box. It's smart to designate a particular person to act as lookout each day until your peptides get to your location.

Your research peptide orders will go along more smoothly if you utilize the pointers here. Ensure that you speak with others in your lab about their specific needs and do research on different suppliers before placing your order.