Adding The Personal Touch To Your Business

4 Creative Uses For Custom Stickers

by Marie Cox

When you decide that custom stickers are the best way to allocate a portion of your advertising funds, you may not know exactly how you want to use them to promote your business. However, they can be one of the most creative, fun, and dynamic options. What's even better is that customers of all ages can really get a kick out of them. Consider these creative uses for custom stickers.

The Centerpiece on a Journal

What journal could be cuter than one that clearly advertises for your business on its front and center? Take an ordinary journal and make it decorative by arranging your sticker on the front of it. You may even choose to give out a few journals with the business stickers on them as prizes for loyal customers. You may also use the journal as a place to keep business records and other company information.

Bling for an Automobile

Custom stickers don't have to be placed on a bumper to make your vehicle look even more awesome. You may choose to decorate your automobile b placing your custom stickers in a corner of a window or even on the dashboard inside your car. Place the stickers anywhere on the car that delight you, and your passengers are sure to appreciate them, too.

Decorative Identifier on a Folder

When it comes to folders for your individual file cabinet, you might not feel too inspired. However, having custom stickers to set your business file apart from the rest may be something to sing about! You may even sit a decorated folder out at your place of business to inspire customers to do the same with their stickers.

Material for Collage and Decoupage Art

Who doesn't love beautiful collages and decoupaged art. One thing that your next creation may be missing is your business art! Fix that by adding custom stickers to your collages or decoupage projects. Not only can that inspire you to create art related to your place of business, but it may bring new customers your way, too, when you put that art out into the world.

Finally, keep in mind that your custom stickers are yours for the taking. You are only limited by your own imagination. Use the stickers in any way that you find fun and inspiring. Before you know it, you may be inspiring others to get back into stickers in a way that you haven't seen since you all looked at each other's sticker books in third grade!