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Using A Self-Storage Unit For Your Youth Baseball Team

by Marie Cox

Whether you are the coach or manager of a youth baseball team, you may find it difficult to keep all of the team's equipment organized and ready when you need it. A self-storage unit can provide a handy way to keep everything in one place. Here are some options for organizing and using your storage space for your team.

Create A Locker Room

If you want to store equipment and gear by player, consider investing in lockers you can use in the storage unit. Each locker can be labeled with the corresponding player's name using masking tape and a marker, which makes it easy to change lockers from one season to the next. Be sure that all clothing and gear stored in the lockers are completely dry, and keep the doors closed. You can use a moisture-absorbing deodorizer in each locker to keep uniforms smelling fresh for game day.

Use Rolling Storage Carts

Getting your equipment to your vehicle can be a challenge, but using rolling storage carts can help to make it easier. Invest in carts with large and small compartments, so you can fill it with bats, balls, and gloves, and simply roll each cart to your car as it is needed. You can line them up against one wall in the storage unit in between practices.

Secure Large Pieces Of Equipment

Whether you have your own pitching machine or line field markers, your storage unit can be a great place to store these larger pieces of equipment in the off-season. Create a parking lot in the center of the storage space for these items, and mark the floor with removable tape, which you can label with the name of each item. This will help to ensure that your players or assistant coaches know where to place everything in the unit. Consider hanging bases and chalk marker grids on S-hooks from the ceiling or from any freestanding shelving units you have in the storage unit.

Keep Gear Bags Ready

During the baseball season, it may be a good idea to keep a few bags packed with bats and balls for easy access. You or a member of the coaching staff can simply gran the bags and go right before game time. Keep these bags near the front of the unit, and be sure to label them to indicate whether the bags are packed for practice or for a game. This will ensure your staff grabs the right equipment.

If you don't have room in your house for your gear, or if your team doesn't have any storage options at the local school, consider using these ideas in your team's self-storage unit. Check with a place like Airport Road Mini-Storage for more information.